Despite consisting of half the name of one of my old favorite songs, Rhapsody is also an app for Android iOS and Windows Phone. It even has over 10 million songs available on the Blackberry mobiles. Coincidentally, it is a big time Music application and has just been updated to version

Rhapsody was very popular back in the day, but it has lost views ever since and now is a mere afterthought to the likes of Spotify and Co. Earlier on this year it received an update and that was the only one it had seen up until now. That one carried offline playback support along with it. The part that makes Rhapsody less popular is that it doesn’t come with any free subscription with advertising. Instead, they make you pay $9.99 or $14.99 a month memberships.

Rhapsody soundtracking

That hasn’t deterred a loyal 1 million people from the Windows Phone 8 handset alone that also has up to 16 million songs on it. The amount of people will change, but the tune list is fairly similar for all of them including this Android one. Even though you have to pay for the service, this is a small update that existing customers can download for free. With it you will get the new Track Match-Now which does exactly what it says: lets users track similar music that is on elsewhere.

Download it here from Google Play.