As with most things in life there are positives and negatives. With the video calls this tends to display a perfect contrast of what I mean. The fact that you can see people on video is nothing short of fantastic, but it also creates a huge downfall: you can do anything else without closing the window, and even if you do manage to do that, your processing power isn’t likely big enough to propel you through whatever you are trying to do next effectively without you wanting to shut the operation down and call them back later.

With this update for Skype, users can now keep the call running while they open alternative apps at the same time. When they do this it will have the Skype window small and in the foreground of the other application that happens to be taking up the rest of the screen. This essentially gives the ability to multitask and do other things, whilst still being involved in connecting to your friends and family without having to disconnect and reconnect. It is also fairly light-weight on the memory, and you should have no problems doing two things at once when you have it fully installed and operating.

Skype Windows Phone

As of now this looks to be an Android, exclusive but will undoubtedly swing over in favor of iOS before too long. It should also manage to head over to the Windows Phone in a similar fashion, however, that one might take a bit longer as we seldom see releases on the Windows front as quick as its counterparts.

You can download Skype 4.5 from that link.

The link will show you all the details in the change log. You can also see how many people have already downloaded it — over 100,00 but under 500,00 — and the release date is also shown as the 13th of December. This will be the last update of any kind that we see leading up to the holiday season, and during it. Enjoy this one and hopefully make a few calls over the Christmas holidays to people you didn’t otherwise get the chance to connect with. That could be, after all, why this date has been chosen.

Via: Skype Blog