Heroes Vs Mechs is out now for iOS devices only and is our favorite Tower Defense game so far this year.

Other than the occasional stubbornness from a select few, there hopefully isn’t any problem getting most people to adapt to the tower defense genre on the mobile platform. Some games just work really well, and no matter what you are into, it’s hard not to appreciate what it has to offer. If it works just roll with it.

That was what first got me into the Tower Defense games, and now there is a new one that we have here called Heroes Vs Mechs that could arguably be the best I’ve played in a long while. Better yet, it’s available on iOS now instead of the slew of Android applications I have written about lately.

If you’ve played anything in the genre before then no doubt you need no introduction about what it is that makes this kind of a world tick. It doesn’t rely on groundbreaking graphics to make your jaw drop and lure you into taking a look at the next screen — why would that work anyway with screens so small. Instead, we get a landscape view, and it involves everything we need to do.

It’s got all the hero-Sci-Fi-fantasy elements you would come to expect and the music that plays throughout it keeps you ramped up to play more. The developers did advertise this as one coming in December for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and they stayed true to their word.

The best game that really took over this type of genre was Plants Vs Zombies. Now does this compare to the outstanding job that did? No, it doesn’t. But don’t forget that this is free, and graphics don’t really hinder what this has to offer at all. It reminds us a bit of the Radiant Defense game that we reviewed around a similar time last year.

YouTube has some clips of this application for previews that you can watch. There’s also various apps, sites like the one we used as a source for this one below so that you can find out more. The download itself isn’t huge in size, but probably big enough for you to want to get it done over your home WiFi connection and not on the go.

If you want more games that are similar to those that we haven’t yet mentioned, there is also the Field Runners 2 and Romans from Mars titles that are well worth a look into. For most, if not all, you will be seeing drastic price cuts these days as they are aging.

This game will be an exclusive for iOS only.

Download: Heroes vs Mechs for iOS

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