Since the dawn of the iPhone has been the Camera+ app to go along with it for the ride. Since they go almost hand in hand with one another, we often see the Camera+ get updated to look good when it’s presented in the new software that Apple are running for their handsets and tablets. That has been the case once again with Camera+ 5 — the latest iteration, which has just been released today.

This upgrade has come out only days after Apple went public to say that all apps must be updated by February of 2014 to work with iOS 7 or else they will not be accepted. Chances are this was developed much before that news. It’s possible they were told privately about this. More to the point, there is still a lot of apps that are not supported and that is going to lead to an absolute flurry of reviews coming on over the next two months.

The design aesthetics look really good and go well with the new iOS 7. If you like the look of what the Cupertino company did, which we absolutely love, then you should also be delighted with this application.

Stepping away from the design and looking at the features, there isn’t a lot you can do with a camera other than either making the pictures better, which often can’t be helped unless the phone gets better, or add some editing features.

That is what they’ve done here, and the developers have even given it a name — the Lab. The Lab is the new place to go to get access to editing like we haven’t seen before.

The makers are calling this new version world-class, but that is expected because they are the guys who made the app. It does come with a brand new UI though, and it’s our favorite one yet.

Inside it is extra options called, Clarity Pro, Straighten, Tint, Duotone, Soft Focus, Film Grain (which is really cool and it’s effects like this that we love to see more of get produced), Sharpen, Blur, Saturation, Temperature, Exposure, Vignette, and a few of the other more basic one’s like contrast etc.

As with the new iOS 7 itself, this app isn’t supported by the older generations of the iPhone such as the 3GS. If you are still holding onto one of these mobiles, it is a good idea to upgrade sooner than later because everything that gets updated will tend to get done in the newer software. This will leave you in the middle of no man’s land unless you jump on a slightly newer handset instead. It doesn’t have to be the latest iPhone or anything like that. The iPhone 4 and 4S will do for now, but also keep in mind that this too will become an issue before a higher number like the 5 would. In other words, it could be next year or the year after that sees the 4 and 4S become a problem.

Being just released there isn’t any reviews sitting on this at the store at all. To buy it will cost you $1.99. After using Camera + 5.0 you can head back to the official download page and do a write-up for others to see what your opinions are. Alternatively, you could also fill us in the comments section below.

Update: It now has three reviews and all have given it five stars to go along with short and sweet comments. They look genuine to me and are all really happy with it.

The camera has always been one of Apple’s strong points as well as a screen display when producing a Smartphone a cut above the rest, so you can expect an amazing quality picture after you download it. They have crisped it up on their end when compared to the last version also.