It’s not often that in a game the player gets to be the bad guy, and for that matter, it’s not often we want to do it either. However, when it’s about being a giant angry robot and causing havoc then that side of the fence becomes a lot more appealing. To add to that pleasure, it’s on the mobile gaming platform, we are talking about, which often just works as a time filler without taking things all too seriously.

If that hasn’t gotten your attention yet, maybe if I tell you Colossatron is made from the same developers that made Jet Pack Joyride and popular swipe sensation, Fruit Ninja will do the trick.

It has the adventure appeal, but is also combined with space combat type themes that gives off the same thrills as anything like the good old space invaders did.

From here we get a combination of Pokemon meets Sky Burger where you also get to build the Colossatron itself.

That’s put in for a break from the volume of attacks you will have to endure to stay alive. If it wasn’t for that it might be a bit much, but then again, because you are the bad robot after all, even dying has its perks.

Pocket Gamer were the first guys to break this news, and they also found the YouTube clip that is shown below. This will give you a good idea of what you’re in for.

Colossatron Massive World Threat is available to buy now for 99 cents on both Android and iOS. That’s about the price you would expect to pay for this. Anything more and you might be wishing you had your money back.

It probably isn’t picking up awards for best game on Apple like Badland and Ridiculous Fishing just did in 2013, but it is worth spending a mere dollar on if that doesn’t break your personal bank.

Via Pocket Gamer