Every now and then you can come across an app that already seemed like it was updated to look good when presented in Apple’s latest software — iOS 7. That was the case here yet again, but that doesn’t mean that under the surface, it was up to scratch when it comes to regulations and compatibility.

The fruit company has given every developer the deadline of the beginning of February to have apps that are compliant or else they will be pulled out from the official app store due to them not being good enough to live up to Apple’s standards.

RDIO White

That likely was in the back of Rdio’s mind when they produced this, but there is also more to it than that like the profile picture that is now very big and bold in the middle of the screen when on the profile page.

Android received big changes for the same app on their platform, and the same has now migrated over to the iOS side of things. The standout feature was a new way of coming up with recommended music to listen to. This would now be chosen out of personal albums recently listened to and not just the old way of collecting station and playlist data. Overall, the change has been a positive one and Rdio are now looking at expanding into Europe as well as doing positive things over in Asia.

Rdio managed to get its name put next to the big brand of Spotify when Twitter brought out integration with both at the same time.

A new music streaming app called Beats has just been launched and will rival this over the next 12 months.

This one here was recently voted into the top five music services that weren’t mainstream yet.

Download: Rdio 2.5.4 from the App store.