The way some blogs have worded this title may leave you thinking you were ending up with a better screen resolution after updating, but in fact the 500px is the application name and nothing more.

The name itself does relate to what it is though — another photo sharing app. On the same day it was also updated for Windows Phone and both platforms look to have brought in new features like photo editing and photo sharing upgrades.


Apple is enforcing updates to the latest iOS 7 software or else apps will be kicked out of the app store. Many developers and companies have expected this and have decided to kill two or more birds with one stone.

Inside the fruit company-specific version will be a redesign made for the iOS 7.0.4, which is the latest kind of firmware. There will be no need to jump up from here until next year when we see the iOS 8.

If you’re into the photos and might be interested in taking a look at this, it’s free to use so there’s no reason not to do so. There is also an Android version, but it seems to have missed this upgrade today.

It’s a new way to take happy snaps after just arriving on the Android back in 2012. In traditional fashion, iOS received it a bit sooner. Apart from that there isn’t too much that has been said about this one. You can always check out the reviews that have been posted by guests on the official pages that belong to the respective stores where you get the application from. There’s always more than one store that it is found available in, but if you head to the official one it will be the biggest and have the most write-ups. This is always the best way to go about anything you may be wanting to research more of before purchasing or acquiring it on your home screens.

Get it here for iOS or try your luck with the new Windows 8 version.

Via: Engadget