TikPorn (tikporn.tube) is a porn tube site with TikTok models. Nudity is meant to be against the guidelines on TikTok, but some people post it still anyway. TikPorn is supposed to be a site that collects some of that nudity before it is taken down. Whether these videos were on TikTok once upon a time, is not something we can tell.


Similar sites include TikPorn (tik.porn).


Above the fold on the homepage was dedicated to one video, in the dimension of a smartphone video screen, that automatically played with a woman taking her top off. I attempted to pause this video and could not. I then tried scrolling down and it changed to another video of the same dimension that would automatically play for me again. I could continue scrolling, seemingly endlessly, and get more videos to show up on my computer screen, each one taking up the full page one at a time. The videos were diverse from different models and ethnicities. It’s plausible to think that were some of the highlights of the latest videos being uploaded. There was a menu in the top left corner pre-set to “latest” that could be swapped for “popular” and “top-ranked” with a mouse click. I tested the “top-ranked” menu and it played another video, this time a woman in a summer dress exposing herself in what appears to be the garden of a hotel resort. It was plausible that this could be a top-ranked video on the site.


As of November 2023, tikporn.tube has 604.7K monthly views. Tikporn.tube was founded on March 26, 2022. The Internet Archive has saved tikporn.tube 46 times between March 26, 2022 and December 19, 2023.

Is tikporn.tube Safe?

Here, I analyzed tikporn.tube for malware and malicious content to check if it was legit or a scam:

I checked tikporn.tube on Sucuri, and it returned as a low security risk. Results: Sucuri scan for tikporn.tube.

tikporn.tube Sucuri results

I then ran a parasite scan with Unmask Parasites on tikporn.tube, and it is clean. Results: Unmask Parasites scan for tikporn.tube.

I also checked tikporn.tube on VirusTotal, and it is clean. Results: VirusTotal scan for tikporn.tube.

tikporn.tube VirusTotal results

URLVoid says tikporn.tube passed all blocklist engines. Results: URLVoid scan for tikporn.tube.

In conclusion, all scans returned as pristine. OVERALL GRADE: Very Safe.

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Website: tikporn.tube

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