Embedy (embedy.cc) is a free movie search engine.

Similar sites to Embedy include ZenPorn, DJtubes, Blet Porn, Noodlemagazine, Ukdevilz, and ExPornToons.

As of December 2023, embedy.cc has 1.243 million monthly views, according to Similar Web. The Wayback Machine estimates that embedy.cc was founded on May 20, 2016. The Internet Archive has saved embedy.cc 448 times between May 20, 2016 and February 3, 2024.

Is embedy.cc Safe?

Here, I analyzed embedy.cc for malware and malicious content to check if it was legit or a scam:

I checked embedy.cc on Sucuri, and it returned as a low security risk. Results: Sucuri scan for embedy.cc.

embedy.cc Sucuri results

I then ran a parasite scan with Unmask Parasites on embedy.cc, and it is clean. Results: Unmask Parasites scan for embedy.cc.

I also checked embedy.cc on VirusTotal, and it is flagged as malicious by CyRadar, Sophos, and Seclookup. Results: VirusTotal scan for embedy.cc.

embedy.cc VirusTotal results

URLVoid says embedy.cc is blocked by Seclookup. Results: URLVoid scan for embedy.cc.

In conclusion, Sucuri says embedy.cc doesn’t have malware. Unmask Parasites says embedy.cc is clean of parasites. VirusTotal and Sucuri say embedy.cc is flagged as malicious by CyRadar, Sophos, and Seclookup. OVERALL GRADE: Relatively Safe.