The Vivaldi browser has been updated to version 4.1.2339.3. Some of the more notable changes have come to the address bar where you will no longer find an autocomplete selection of text being incorrect when copied, and the URL bar won’t keep restoring to the original content when typing.

Vivaldi 4.1.2339.3

This version comes with a lot of fixes which are all listed in the changelog below.

The changelog for Vivaldi 4.1.2339.3:

Address bar:

  • Autocomplete selection incorrect on copy (VB-80764)
  • URL bar keeps restoring its original content when you’re typing (VB-80330)
  • Using the middle click to close vivaldi://startpage/ tab pastes clipboard content (VB-79118)


  • Notification message shows in popup windows (VB-80835)


  • Slowing down the browser on (VB-80803)


  • Middle click on a bookmark in the bookmark bar doesn’t open it in a new tab (VB-80848)


  • Upgraded to 92.0.4515.65

Downloads Panel:

  • Poor performance caused by panel: partial improvement (VB-68202)


  • Browser crashes on startup on macOS 10.11 (VB-80525)
  • Proprietary media does not play on macOS 10.11 (VB-80757)
  • UI says “Update error” when no update is found (VB-80578)


  • Floating Panel does not close when moving mouse outside or clicking (VB-80574)
  • Adding attachment in floating panels broken (VB-80786)
  • Remove attachment looks wrong (VB-80744)

Quick Commands:

  • Add Ctrl+E as additional default (VB-80836)


  • Quick Commands always appear in setting search (VB-80210)
  • Unticking ‘Allow Drag and Drop Reordering’ also hides thumbnail control buttons (VB-75041)


  • Accordion drag and drop improvements
  • Moving tabs in guest windows is impossible (VB-79215)
  • Pinned tabs take up too much space on move (VB-80681)
  • Tab doesn’t get removed from stack when multiple tabs are selected (VB-79135)
  • Change “Ungroup Tab Stack” to “Unstack Tabs (x Tabs)” (VB-78650)


    • Themes in Private Windows render incorrectly (VB-80351)
    • Unread count unreadable (VB-80179)


  • The Default browser Call-to-action may cover a dialog (VB-80697)


  • Password import from Chrome/Chromium is not possible (VB-78286)

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