The Vivaldi browser has been updated to version 4.1.2328.3. This update of the Vivaldi snapshot release rolled out on June 15.

Vivaldi 4.1.2328.3 comes with new accordion-style stacks. Additionally, it enabled silent updates for standalone installations. You can read the full changelog provided by Vivaldi below.

Vivaldi 4.1.2328.3

After this update, one user Komposten from the Vivaldi forum is reporting that the feature that usually auto-closes the inactive panels is not working. He suggests the panels do not close if you are clicking anywhere where there is a website while the browser is open which he also points out is the majority of the time.

The following is the changelog for version 4.1.2328.3.


  • Accordion style stacks (VB-41386)
  • Enable silent updates for single user and standalone installs (VB-76202)


  • Show the next Vivaldi version in the popup (VB-80034)
  • vivaldi://about/ should show pending update (VB-80211)


  • dialog is displayed above pop-up window when address bar is at the bottom (VB-56828)
  • Folder can not be cut and pasted (VB-79848)


  • Setting Alt+F4 or Shift+Alt+F4 as a hotkey works but it still acts as exit (VB-60364)


  • Emojis get underlined (VB-80397)
  • Panel context menu (or no menu) opens on right-click after opening page from Bookmarks menu (VB-74891)
  • Empty context menu (VB-78013)


  • Opening attachments makes the browser behave buggy (VB-80338)
  • Items in the panel do not get greyed out when cut via context menu (VB-80367)


  • Blur effect broken in overflow panel (VB-80035)


  • Button not working / not opening (VB-80437)

Speed Dial:

  • Thumbnail is not clickable in some areas (VB-80535)


  • Significantly less room for Speed Dial tabs (VB-79317)
  • Slow when dragging tabs (VB-80372)
  • Unread tabs marked as Read in Tab Stacks (VB-12966)
  • When tiled tab is closed after tiling width has been changed, corresponding tiled area becomes grey (VB-75322)


  • Duplicate languages in language dropdown list (VB-80377)
  • Gather more strings than just 1-3 when scrolling to improve the experience and reduce server requests (VB-80346)
  • Hebrew not detected correctly (VB-80413)
  • Some text content is not translated on some pages due to html comments (VB-80433)

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