The 2014 edition of the HTC One is scheduled to launch on the 25th of March. A source close to Phone Arena has shared insider knowledge that Verizon could be getting this phone all by themselves for two weeks before any other phone carriers get a chance to sell it in their own stores.

The move would give a redemption situation for Verizon Wireless customers who had to wait longer than the others last year because they had a fascination with the HTC Droid DNA instead at the time.

If this rumor turns out true, it would make the “Big Red” customers very happy and give them the upper hand over anybody who tries to talk negatively about them. We are also assuming it has to do with the situation that happened last year, but there is no confirmation on that either in the report.

Verizon has not been very popular lately because there were reports that the United States government requested data from them over 300,000 times last year, and now people are feeling insecure about what that led to. However, this is mostly believed to be because Verizon is the largest phone carrier in the US and not because they have formed a federal or local allegiance with law enforcement agencies.

We do not want to make any assumptions, but we have pointed out a few gray areas which offer good reasons that the “Big Red” may have reason to want to try to make people happier again. Having the M8 All New One HTC flagship for weeks before any other carriers would surely put them back on the right path with the public.

Via: Phone Arena