Radio Shack has wanted to show their hand on a Galaxy S5 deal that will give customers $50 off the next Samsung flagship if they should choose to sign up with them and pre-order it. The deal opened March 21. It is a savvy move from an underdog company striving to make ends meet out there, and we hope they find success.

The move comes days after other notable names such as AT&T and Sprint revealed what their prices would be, which then gave them the chance to try to lure customers their way instead by offering something better.

People can save from $75 to $300 if they trade-in old mobile phones when signing up for the pre-ordered Galaxy S5 smartphone by going into stores as long as they are in working order without any obvious mechanical problems. The price will vary depending on what mobile is traded in. The best quality top-end flagships from last year can make as much as $300, and it will go down to the $75 mark.

I’m a Radio Shack fan, and I love the way they do business. They are not anywhere near as big as other names inside of the United States and yet they throw out some great deals out there to try to boost their brand name. That I admire a lot, and I’ll be happy if they manage to get extra sales from it.
In many respects, it is lucky they are still with us. After the world went into recession back in 2009 Radio Shack were one of the last consumer electronic stores operating, and they were allegedly looking for people to buy them out because they were very close to going into liquidation. They hung in there very well, but recent news broke of them closing down 1100 stores because of Q4 losses of tablet and smartphone sales leaving a big dent in their pockets.

Now, it seems they are trying to do anything to get some support, and they are not ripping people off in the process. Instead, they are offering a great deal where they are not making much money at all, and that is a reason why we all should be thankful.