After being issued roughly two months ago for the first Note 2, Verizon has now brought Android 4.3 out for their customers to join the rest of the pack who already have the software. By now there isn’t too many people who don’t have it, so there’s probably at least one person you know that has filled you in on the changes brought in between this and the last 4.2 version.

The beauty about this one is that you will notice changes as soon as you hit the lock screen. Some of these are found in the newer Note 3 and the flagship S4, which is really good that they’ve brought that across to the older Note in the series.

The new widgets are really big and can move positions and be put back to the lock screen. You might remember the last build when Google Now originally first came out, and it was immediately in your face when you turned the phone on. Google has decided to stop that from happening this time around and take it away from there, however, there is still a way to put it back there by moving the widget manually with your hands if that’s what you want to do.

For the most part, this one for Verizon will bring all the same features as it did for the big carriers so there are no surprises to mention. If you’re running out of patience you always can navigate to Settings > About phone > System update > Check for updates and looking to see if yours has arrived. It will give you a notification anyway that will pop up and tell you it is there, but some people have reported to not see these for whatever reason, and that’s why it’s good to always know the official way of checking it. It might come to you today, or it might come tomorrow, or it might come three weeks from now. There is no way of telling or any secret code you can enter. We’ve even heard of users who pressed a certain button combination and then it arrived so every time since they’ve tried to copy down this process. We can safely say that anything like that which did happen was purely a coincidence, and that there is nothing that can be touched or manipulated. It all happens randomly on Android’s end and not yours.

Verizon has been in the news a lot lately. Most recently was when we heard about the buyout of Vodafone which the FCC has fully approved already. This means that Verizon effectively owns them now.

They were also making headlines for testing out a new “same day delivery” option for all online orders. This will presumably be only for inside of the United States and nowhere across the pond. Having said that, it is still a really impressive feat if they manage to pull it off. It would be ground breaking on their behalf if they did manage to do so.

After issuing its first bit of bad news that it wouldn’t be heading to Canada, Verizon then posted 7.1 billion profit figures.