The LG G2 is a handset that we haven’t spent a lot of time talking about so far in December, but now we have been given reports that are at least newsworthy to read up on if you own the mobile. Today, a new over the air update has begun to spread, giving the LG G2 the build of VS9801B.

Many had waited very patiently to try the chocolate flavor of KitKat, but that isn’t happening just yet as this build has nothing to do with Android 4.4. That means it will more than likely be well into the new year before we see such a progress made for the software of this phone.

At a time when we have just seen what could be the G2 mini leaks come to light, it’s as good a time as any to get the real deal full-sized handset back into the picture. This is only considered a small update, however, that will bring a few improvements to it over the last one, but nothing too massive that carries new features.

There is talk of Verizon customers having a new application that will be in use soon. In order to use that though, you will need to sign up with them as a carrier. For the rest of you there are some UI differences compared to the last build and some extra bloat ware.

If it hasn’t come out to you just yet, then that doesn’t mean that it won’t come because, like all of them, they roll out in one part at a time. Some of you may find it in your notifications today, and others might find it 3 weeks from now. There is no secret bunch of keys to press or anything of that nature that will speed up the process. It doesn’t matter where you live either. It will come in at random, so keep your handsets close to you at all time until it does.

That about sums up the news on this phone for now, and could well do for the foreseeable future.