In order to spice up the life of an older handset, companies now think of a way they can regain the spark of getting people to make that acquisition of the same phone by bringing out new colors that weren’t previously available. In this case, the HTC One can now be ordered in champagne gold for all people residing inside of the U.K. This is a good color to bring out ever since we saw how popular it was for the iPhone 5S. It was so sought after that eBay bidding was skyrocketing, and it took literally months to order it in when it was at its peak of popularity. Now those times have died right back, but it’s given other manufacturers an opportunity to counter-strike on options that they otherwise might not have thought of.

Apart from that, there isn’t anything new in terms of features built-in that we haven’t already seen. This ones selling point will be purely in the different looks of the outside shell. As small a difference as it sounds, it will likely sell a bunch more, even with its aging reason.

This can also be another one of those handsets that hasn’t been in the news a lot lately. It doubles as a nice marketing scheme to put it back on the radar.

If we go back in November we saw a Gold HTC One in Germany come out. That will be a different shade of this one so they did stay true to their word of being exclusive after all.

After 10 days in December had gone by, some blogs got their hands on a 24 carat gold HTC One instead. That is one that all gold fans would love to own. The only problem is that it is really expensive and would likely set you back several thousand dollars to own. The first true gold and platinum phones launched back in June of 2013. They often release these types of the popular mobiles and do it a while after the launch of the standard shells so that the more radical options don’t get in the way of the original sales figures.

On the other end of the spectrum, Hong Kong has just seen a Black version be released. It’s not very glossy and looks really nice for the size and shape.

There was a sale on Black Friday that Sprint were running which saw a standard handset get sold for $29.99 and that then put people in the raffle to win one of the 24K Smartphones on top of that.