We all know that there is a huge mobile following out there — people love their Android and Apple handsets, and they do extreme things to make sure they own all the latest gadgets that come out on a yearly basis. But when it comes to collectibles, we don’t see many things get released.

If you like collecting and like Pepsi then this Oppo N1 Pepsi edition might be right up your ally. This is the phone that also comes with CyanogenMod pre-installed, and I believe that will still be the same in this edition.

The main attraction here is the case that it comes in. It’s made of quality materials and has the Pepsi logo, along with the big colorful emblem across the top and bottom. When you open it up you will see the same kind of skin shown all over the handset itself.

Apart from its outside looks there is also stuff to make you think of the iconic brand installed on the Rom too. The most prominent part being the date displayed on the screen has been uniquely made to match what you would expect the brand to have made. The standard background when browsing is also the traditional blue.

By the 10th of December the unlocked version was officially made available for people in the United Sates and across Europe. The time seems to have flown by since this was first launched. It always takes a while after it comes out before the unlocked phones become available.

This mobile was more popular in Asian countries, but it has also made its mark out west also. Sadly, the news is likely to die down from here, and it will be there to enjoy because nothing else is expected to come its way any time soon. There will be the usual firmware upgrades and that kind of thing to look out for next. The companies seem very smart about when to release these things so that nobody is bored for too long.

Via: Giz China