Only weeks after the FCC has approved the Verizon buyout of Vodafone, the Galaxy S4 version has received a new update to build number JSS15J. This is a small upgrade over the standard Android 4.3 that was already out.

After Verizon became a company that gained $7.1 billion in profits they are making sure the Google guys are treating them well with these incremental roll out. These handsets are the flagship as we all know, but they are also starting to fall into the hands of the older generation. When it comes to middle-aged folk, a good email client is absolutely a must and as such this one on the Galaxy S4 from Verizon is even better now. There were some data roaming flaws in the older build that have now been attended to. These were especially prominent in places like Mexico and Canada.

Stock Galaxy S4


Charging it was also considered a hassle in the old days. Samsung has no ordered non-brand chargers to also work for this phone. That’s about the gist of this one when it comes to getting to know the list of improvements.

This version of the S4 was first spotted at the FCC to get certified in late March of 2013. It then was quickly met with a load of advertisements that were great to watch. By around June we had now seen developers make some great custom ROMs and this handset became the cream of the crop in the green robot Kingdom.

On the site we should have some walk-through posts as well as benchmark tests you might like to take a look at. By now, as we head into the Christmas break a lot of rumors about the S5 that is coming soon. This next year is massive for phones so you might want to make the most of getting to know new firmware while you can. KitKat should eventually come before the release of the new mobile anyway.