In the last two weeks alone there have been lots of signs of life in the Windows Phone store for applications. It’s no surprise either, as they continue to attempt to make in grounds on the competition, one of their biggest flaws is the lack of apps. Microsoft understandably is thinking that they are being a little hard done by, and if they can’t continue to create new apps, they will at least try to draw as much attention to existing ones in the store as possible.

Today they have discounted many cool game titles in the WP store leading up to Christmas. When we combine that with the discount cards in the same place that they have issued it makes for an interesting amount of people with some application buzz around the world.

Need for Speed fans can buy the Hot Pursuit title for only $2.99 now. Anything NFS will keep you entertained for most of the silly season if need be. Vampires are everywhere it seems these days, and now they are in even more with this Vampire Rush game that is going for 99 cents. There are heaps of other games too like Contre Jour, SPY Mouse and The Sims medieval.

While at the market place you might also be interested in checking out the Hill Climb racing, which has just come out as a brand new game. There’s another one called Freddy, which is based around the Physics for those more interested in the puzzle and educational type.

This is the same year that Sonic the hedgehog celebrated its 23rd birthday. To relish in the festivities the developers gave all copies a $1 sale.

More on the gift front, if you buy a WP8 phone from any of the U.S. Nokia stores you will be given a free set of Monster Purity headphones.

Via: WMPoweruser