On the Internet, blogs are increasing rapidly. Blogs provide various information to the readers, including Tutorials, Tricks, How-to, etc. Every blog provides its own RSS feeds so you can be in touch with the blog using RSS reader. Instead of visiting the blog every time, you can use any RSS reader to get all the posts of that blog in just a single window. You can also use Email subscriptions to get posts by email. Feedburner is the Google’s service which let blog owners to provide feeds to their readers in an easy way. The Feedburner checks for blog updates after every 30 minutes. But, what if you post contents in less than 30 minutes and want them in the Feedburner feed instant? Here is the way.

With Feedburner Ping, you can ping your feeds for updates instead of Feedburner 30 minutes interval. To do so, follow the steps given below:

Update your FeedBurner Feed Whenever you Want

Step 1: Go to http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/ping

Step 2: Fill in your blog address, like www.techlisten.com and click “Ping FeedBurner.”

Step 3: Now, you have finished pinging your Feedburner feeds.

You can also bookmark the link which you get in the address bar after pinging for future pings. In the future, just go to that bookmarked link and it will automatically ping your feeds. That’s it!

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