Antivirus is a must have software on your PC because it protects it from viruses, trojans, spyware, etc. Antivirus scans your PC for viruses and removes them as per user choice. There are many Antiviruses available in the market today; you can go for any antivirus which fits perfect for your PC. However, you should consider some things while choosing an Antivirus. To let the Antivirus scan for new viruses on your PC, you have to update it with the latest Antivirus Definitions.

What are Antivirus Definitions

Antivirus Definitions are also known as Antivirus Signature, Database. It is the data which the software use to detect a virus on your PC. You have to keep the antivirus definitions up to date. Otherwise, your antivirus would not be able to detect new viruses. Hence you may be the prey of those viruses.

Where to Download Antivirus Definitions

Antivirus Definitions can be downloaded from the Antivirus official website. But some antivirus does not provide this, so you have to use some other download sites to download antivirus definitions. SoftPedia has a large number of Antivirus Definitions, where almost all the antivirus definitions are available. Click below link to download Latest Antivirus Definitions for your PC.

Download: Antivirus Definitions

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