Google Voice, the name which came from the Grand Central, is a Google product. Google Voice allows you to make cheap calls across the world, and the calls to USA and Canada are free. If you often make calls to these countries, Google Voice cuts down your bills and lets you talk for hours without thinking of the bill as the calls are free. To make calls to other countries apart from these two, you would have to add some balance to your account and then make calls with cheap call rates. Google Voice provides web interface from where you can make calls, receive calls and change all the account settings.

Android, on the other hand, is the most growing operating system. Most of the smartphones are running on this OS these days. There is an Android app available which lets you integrate Google Voice with your Android smartphone. Yeah, that’s true. Conventionally, the Google Voice can be accessed only from the web interface, but this app has taken it to your smartphone. App called GrooVeIP integrates the Google Voice on your smartphone and lets you take full advantage of making free calls on your phone.

GrooVe IP is not a free app, though you must buy it as it will save your big bills of calling to USA and Canada. Since the calls to USA and Canada are free, you will find this app useful despite its price. To make free calls with GrooVe IP, you will need an account at Google Voice, which can be created for free. After that, you will be given a phone number which is your Google Voice Number. This number will appear on the recipient’s phone when you make a call. GrooVe IP can be used on both the networks, WiFi and 3G. So, if one goes down, you can use the other one.

Download: GrooVe IP for Android

It is a worth buying app which will certainly be useful for you to make free calls, or to make cheap calls across the world using Google Voice.

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