Twitter is one of the biggest applications in the world and as such there is no shortage of Twitter clients to go along with it. UberSocial is arguably the best one out of them all, and the amount of people that are signed up to using it is a good reflection of that.

UberSocial is upgraded to version, and it will help iron out the kinks in the new Android 4.4 Kitkat software. Many devices have now seen the jump up in software become available, and because of that they are now installing it on their device. Unfortunately, in doing so had created some conflict between it and the applications. Fortunately, the developers have been hard at work to create various fixes and solutions to these problems, and they will all be implemented in this new download.



If you are using the older Jelly Bean still then there is no real benefit of downloading this today. This file we have available here is for Android only. There will also be updates coming for the iPhone and Blackberry on the way. They still don’t make a Windows Phone version, and with Microsoft looking to enhance the amount of applications that the Windows Phone store sells, that could be about to change soon.

The upgrade is free for users to download from the Google Play store here.