The Apex launcher comes in two different kinds, offering a pro version at full cost that is equipped with more features than the other. If you have this version, then you will want to upgrade to the Apex launcher 2.3.0 because of a new drawer that has been developed. Apart from that, there were some bug fixes that needed to be introduced after users reported them into the developers of the app.

Apex and Nova have been widely regarded as the best launchers available on the Android system. Every Android device comes with one by default, however, it is possible to change this stock launcher for a different one of your choice. Some are free to download and some you have to pay a fee before the download will be available.

Apex Launcher


In May of 2013, Apex saw a big overhaul that introduced a notification system fully integrated and drawer folders introduced for the first time. It became popular late last year for being able to give a KitKat look without officially having KitKat at all.

The Apex logo is easily recognizable because of the button that looks like a home. You can see what it looks like in the picture featured above.

Download the free version from this Google Play store link here.