While it didn’t ever manage to become a contender against Apple TV or even Google TV, Chromecast had sold really well since its release last year in 2013. Its intention was never to knock off Google TV, but to offer something cheaper that did part of the same job. The outlook started looking even better when people realized it could also have root access.

The Google Cast Software Development Kit is now available for people who sign up to the developers program. This is now done via the SDK for anybody looking to develop Chromcast applications. There will be no limitations to the platforms so it can include Apple and Microsoft.

Chromecase iPhone

This now marks the second event so far this year to do with Google’s television sector, which analysts say will boom in 2014.

This is the first news we have seen on Chromecast since Motorola gave the offer of a free one to go with any Moto X purchase as an incentive to keep buying the mobile phones. Then, of course, Motorola was bought out by Lenovo and sold by Google so the Mountain View company isn’t able to create any deals like that anymore.