This update for the Galaxy S4 has rolled out over the air to places in Europe. The new XXUBMF8 is installed via Samsung KIES in Russia only. The rest of the world has to download manually. To do it manually, simply follow this guide. This is an official update to XXUBMF8 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Now we are jumping up to the 4.2.2 from the earlier model that has the same numbers, but a smaller second digit back to the number 1. This is the one we love because it carries much of the same great quality with being super smooth when you use it, and it also looks better. It’s hard to describe what it is, exactly, and very few people have mentioned it but it just looks better. It’s almost like the screen is made out of a different resolution, which obviously isn’t the case at all, but graphically there is a noticeable difference, plus the usual stability control being a step up from the last version.

Remember the cool Jelly Bean game you can use by going into the settings and then clicking on the about phone. From here you hold your thumb on the firmware build number part of the screen a bunch of Jelly Beans will appear that you can press across the screen. This is just a cool little trick that not many people know about. This is also different from the developers tick that if you were to tap on the same area 7 times then it will unlock something. Give that a try while you are in that area.

Android has tried to give you something noticeably different from the beginning of your new software experience. In this instance, it’s the ripple effect that has been integrated. If you touch the lock screen interface anywhere with your fingers the screen will act as if it is made of water. There is no reason for this other than some showing off and something extra to do.

If that didn’t tickle your fancy, how about trying out the new light effect instead. It works much the same way by tapping on the screen and where you do this will change colors to a more yellow appearance and not the ripple effect like it did last time.

Remember that for each device the firmware will differ. These are things that are unique to the galaxy S4 series, which is the flagship model for Samsung. There’s also a bunch of cool other stuff that is well worth a look. As you begin to use it more you’ll find yourself discovering them without even having to do any searching around to see what other people are doing that you are not.


  • Samsung Galaxy USB drivers are pre-installed before continuing.
  • USB debugging mode is enabled.

How to Update Galaxy S4 I9500 to XXUBMF8 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

Step 1. Download the Android 4.2.2 I9500XXUAMDL. Download the Odin 3.07 tool also. Once you have done that, the next thing you want to do is extract them.

Step 2. Load the Galaxy S4 I9500 into download mode.

Step 3. Using the XXUAMFB file we extracted, you need to fetch out the code file and install it to the PDA button. This is found on the right hand side of Odin.

There is no need to touch any of the other settings.

Step 4. Now click the start button inside ODIN. This will begin flashing the device.

This will take no more than fifteen minutes to end. You should see a green message appear inside ODIN stating the word “pass”. Followed by it rebooting automatically.