Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100PThis is the European model of the galaxy S2. The I9100P is exclusive to that region. It should have rolled out over the air in places like the United Kingdom overnight. The update does seem to be a little slow, as many of the worlds are already running the new version on top of this. Having said that, there is not much of a between both, and every update is a good one.

One thing all users need to check out is the new game that hides inside this build. If you open it up and tap on the setting, scroll all the way down to the about phone tab and select it, then look for the new number. Click and hold on this build number and a Jelly Bean will jump up on your screen. Hold your thumb on that red big Jelly Bean and a whole bunch of smaller ones will appear on the screen. Now you are playing a game on your new operating system. The aim is to “kill” as many as you can by tapping on the screen. Kind of like fruit ninja, but without the slicing and dicing. It’s a lot of fun and sure to get you in the mood for this candy-based OS.

One thing you want to keep an eye out for is the new multi-view panel. Once you select it, it will appear on the side of the phone. You should see the kind of taskbar type look with different applications in there. Now you can select an app and it will come up on the screen. By pressing down on the little blue tab that will be on the side you can now open up another one. Now it will split the screen into two different parts, one with each app on it. This is cool if you are busy and have to look at lots. Many are calling it not ideal for the S2 because the screen is so small.

Why the ‘P’? The ‘P’ gives you the benefit of being able to keep the NFC enabled. You can upgrade to any firmware version without it, causing any problems, however, you will lose the NFS. The only way to keep it is to keep upgrading to another ‘P’ version of firmware such as the one that we have here today for you. The device launched in late 20111 much like the rest of the S2’s all over the world. There really is no difference in the mobile, but firmware updates will vary from device to device.

Understand before you continue that upgrading to the XXLSS firmware will cause you to lose any kind of customization you have on the phone.

Install/enable the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100P USB drivers
  • USB debugging

Update Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100P to XXLSS Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

1. Hit up the I9100PXXLSS download and ODIN 3.07. Extract both of the files to the desktop of your computer.

2. Turn off the Galaxy S2 and boot it back up into download mode.

3. Open up the ODIN package on the computer, making sure you have administrator permissions.

4. Connect the phone to the computer via USB cable.

5. In the PDA area put the tar.md5 file.

6. Leave the default settings.

7. Press the start button to complete the process.

Once it’s finished installing, you can open up the lock screen and head to the settings. Scroll your hand all the way down the bottom until you see the about phone tag. Select this by holding it in and then inside here will show you what build number your phone is running on. This should now match up with the number we have at the top of this post. If it isn’t, then it’s still on your old firmware. It would be rare for that to happen, but basically what it’s saying is that you didn’t manage to install it properly so you have to try again. Because it’s just a smaller incremental update the features are few and far between. You probably won’t even notice if it’s old or new until you search around for a bit and get exposed to one of the few new things. If you are quite familiar with your operating system, then you may pick up on the more refined and smooth experience. That’s the kind of thing that can mess with your head, though, because you think it’s different, but it isn’t really. Best to just check it out officially so that you now know.