The Galaxy S Advance can now upgrade to newer XXLQE Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware. Do not get this update confused with the 4.2.1 Jelly Bean update. If that is the one you are looking for we have covered it already here. What is the difference? The 4.2.1 is a newer firmware. Generally speaking, the bigger the number the newer it is. Having said that, bigger is not always better. Many times it just comes down to pure preference. In this case, however, there are reports of the 4.2.1 being a faster firmware. I have included an XDA thread here on the subject.

There’s plenty of options when it comes to backups. Some people have their own way which is fine, but if it’s advice you’re looking for, try to use the internal storage otherwise known as the SD card. It is a great technology that Samsung has incorporated into the galaxy range and should serve you very well. There’s also Sandisk SD card reader that will let you upload all of this data to a Mac or Windows computer where you can then save it to a file. Now there will always be a hard copy back up in a dedicated folder on your computer to use if need be.

The guide uses Odin made by the official Samsung developers team. While put together by world-class developers, they didn’t extend the rights out to mac OS X or Linux-based operating systems so you have to use an OS no earlier than Windows XP although we recommend Vista for an easier saving of the files.

Something that users like to have running is anti-virus. That’s a great thing for the most part, but not in this case because it can get in our way. The same thing goes with firewalls. Please turn them all off until this guide has been thoroughly carried out. Once finished, it is OK to have them all running again. Temporarily disable it by using this feature inside of the dashboard is fine.

Make sure you have enough battery power to see you through the full guide lasting approximately ten minutes. Being very safe, we recommend having at least 60%. That will see everyone through safely no matter how badly the battery is performing. Many will not need to fret because the USB charging feature will take over once plugged into the computer system unit anyhow.

Note how smooth the software runs when you install it. It’s a cut above anything that had come out before it and still holds its own when being compared to the brand new version like Kit Kat minus some of the new features.

How To Install XXLQE Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean On The Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070:

1. Download the Android 4.1.2 I9070XXLQE firmware. Don’t forget to have Odin1.85 also.

– you can use the C: Drive on the Windows-based computer for this or just download to the desktop. However, cluttering the desktop is not a good thing and will lead to slower computer OS load times on boot up.

2. Now is a good time to make sure you have backed up all of your data. You can do it to the internal memory like a typical one would be done.

– backup the call logs, MMS text, SMS text, photos, video, music and other sensitive data you do not want to risk losing.

3. Turn off security threats such as any anti-virus that you may have put on the handset. While it is great to have on an average basis, during this guide it is a real nuisance.

4. Switch the Galaxy S off and reload it into download mode.

– press and hold the power + volume down + home buttons to open it.

5. Using the USB cable you bought it with, connect the phone to a Windows PC. It is possible to check how the connection went by noticing an added message appearing on the ODIN screen.

4. Now from the extracted firmware file, locate and install the code file to the PDA spot.

6. Everything else should already be set up as default settings, such as Auto Reset time.

Sit back, grab yourself a cuppa and wait for the installation process to complete.

Don’t disconnect it yet because is still has to reboot itself. When it has and then you see the boot animation displayed, that means you can then unplug it and be on your way.