It is an official update for the Galaxy Young Duos phone rolled out by Samsung. What is this update?What we have here is the latest Jelly Bean firmware for the device. It rolled out over the air for selected countries in Europe. However, if you are not in those countries, you will not have received an update, thus meaning you have to install it manually.

Is it wrong to install it manually? No, not at all. It is perfectly fine and legal. The only problem is that it requires a bit more effort. To get it done just follow the guide below. If you have any question about it, or there is anything you don’t understand, shoot us a message on our social media pages or leave a comment, and we will help you where we can.

When we first got a look at the 3.2.6 we got a taste of a new keyboard and spell check. Now if you type a sentence and one of the words is incorrect, you can press your finger on top of that news and then it highlights the word. From here press on it again and it will give you the option select the name. A few options for its smart memory will appear and away you go. It is still a prominent way of doing it today. It might not seem efficient, but it does take away the annoyance of it refuses to give you the name you want. When it forces the user to go back and forth or even go so far as to change it already, it can end up taking 5 times as long as this way. I like it, not all people do. It just comes down to preference. There will no doubt be a whole bunch of custom ROMs that alter it and give owners something else instead, so be sure to check them out if it’s something that doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Make sure all of you head to the Settings application and Enable USB Debugging mode from the Develop Options menu. It starts hiding after we reach Android 4.2 after this stage so there’s no reason people can’t see the Develop Options.

Make sure you download and install the up to date Samsung USB Drivers if you don’t already have them. It helps us connect to the computer successfully instead of it failing to pick it up.

Even though, this handset is small it still is given the Micro SDHC card slot because it still comes in under the galaxy range. It means we can back up the setting and contacts as well as the applications and whatever else it may be that you have created as an ad-on compared to when it was fresh out of the box. Pair it with an SD card reader and it allows a full backup to a Windows or Mac based computers. It is the way we recommend to anybody that has the advantage of a Micro slot in the back of the handset. Another fantastic idea built into this is the ability to use it on any other device that also has the same slot. That means, of taking it out of this first phone and putting it in the second it swaps over the data too.

The guide is only made for the Young Duos model numbered S6312. Do not attempt to install this firmware on any other device with a different model number because it will brick the device. That becomes a real headache to try and fix and although some developers are smart enough to get you out of trouble we are not. The tutorial here is purely for successful operation by following our instructions.

How To Install XXAMD3 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean official Firmware On The Samsung Galaxy Young Duos S6312

1. Download the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXAMD3 firmware.

2. Also, necessary to complete this task is Odin 3.07.

3. Extract the files to a convenient place. We always recommend the desktop, so you don’t lose it. You must select save as to do this and then choose the desktop as a place to save the file.

4. Reload into download mode. If unsure there is a link, I provide to aid you.

5. Run the ODIN you downloaded, making sure you are running it as administrator.

– that is because you will need to have administrator permissions.

6. In step 1, we downloaded the file. From here open it up and fetch the code file. Put it on the PDA.

7. There is no need to touch any of the other settings. Leave them as default.

8. Near the center, slightly to the right is the start button. Press the button and wait for the flashing to finish.

9. Use the “safely remove hardware” button located on the taskbar of the WIndows-based OS to properly remove the USB Mass Storage device.

10. Close down the Odin app when you finish.