The Galaxy S Advance I9070P has received an update in Singapore over the air. If you have this device, and you live outside of Singapore, you will not receive the update over the air. However, you can still get your hands on it by following this guide.

We weren’t a huge fan of the way Google decided to word this one because it’s a back to front version of the one before it, the 4.1.2. It has proven an absolute nightmare when creating quite a hundred and one guides for it and trying not to get them confused. Once you manage to find the right post you want, it is all new bells and whistles right from the moment you arrive at the lock screen. All of the widgets previously on display are not there anymore. There’s nothing on the screen other than a white padlock symbol to show that the phone locks. A swipe of the finger will unlock it and away you go. A big reason for this is because Google Now was a new feature in an earlier version. It was obviously something they loved, so they put it on display for everybody to see. Now that they have calmed down a bit, they decided maybe they got a little too excited and thus removed it. It can still be pulled up, but for that you will need to press your finger and drag in a downwards motion.


  • Backup using the external SD card or the built-in internal storage. Both methods work well, but the SD card requires an extra trip to the shops if you didn’t buy it already. It is also handy because you can create a folder on the computer and save a hard copy of everything there. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea though. For the others, we recommend an app such as helium available from the Google Play Store, which not only lets you keep all applications, but also everything else like contacts too. It’s safe and efficient if you are looking for a way to do it more quickly.
  • The battery will be plugged into the Windows-based computer when you are using ODIN. There is no reason to have a lot of battery left before you starting for this reason. You should finish the guide with more battery power than when you started.
  • If you are only trying to update manually because you don’t think it has arrived OTA for you yet, then head over to Settings > About Phone > Software Update and double check before you start. Sometimes it can be there, and you didn’t realize. If it is there, simply confirm the automatic installation instead!
  • Make sure you visit the Develop Options menu and turn on the USB Debugging mode.
  • Make sure you have the Samsung USB drivers before continuing. If you have them already and you can’t connect to ODIN properly it is likely because hey are not up to date. You can get fresh drivers here.

How To Install Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean On The Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070P

1. With the USB wire provided, connect the galaxy S Advance I9070P to the computer.

2. Download the Odin 3.07 / Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean DXAME1.

3. Run the ODIN file you previously downloaded. Please make sure you are running it as an administrator, or else it will not operate.

4. Turn the smartphone off and reboot into Download Mode. Press Volume Down + Power + Home to achieve it.

5. Plug the handset into the computer using the USB wire.

6. Look inside Odin app for the ID: COM port changing color letting us know that it picks it up.

7. Now from the I9070PDXAME1 file which you extracted, you need to find the code file and upload to PDA button.

8. All else should read by default.

9. Check Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options.

10. Find the start button and press it. Once completed, the device will reboot, and you will see a pass message appearing inside ODIN.

11. Memorize to periodically right-click the USB figure in the Windows taskbar and click on the green sign that announces ‘safely remove hardware’ when you float the cursor over it. At This Time, right-click > select the gray region >USB Mass Storage Device > stop button > select the flash drive in the ‘stop a hardware device’ section and click OK. It will now say ‘safe to remove hardware’ in the text box that’s timely up on the taskbar.