With this phone, it was all about the viewing experience so, needless to say, a big part of your visuals is going to be the operating system it is running on. There is no point having that great screen with unusual capabilities if what’s running in the background isn’t all that fantastic. That could be one of the reasons Samsung decided to issue out another update going the way of the Galaxy Core.

By using the link provided, you can now update it to the latest version of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean which is the XXAMHA build.

Searching YouTube for videos on a particular handset will have you hearing people speaking English, but with an accent you might be able to pick up. Yes, that’s a french accent and primarily because this device was released in France. The accent can be quite strong and hard to understand, so if it’s any type of manual you want to follow you might be better off following some written text.

Those of you who have done a firmware update before, there is nothing new to tell you. This one is to be carried out the same way as all of the others, via Odin.
When the Core I8260 was first released it was good, but not all the stable. Expect it to come your way much more profound that it was previously. Other than that, it’s just the typical small enhancements on 101 things that make this worth doing. If you are the type of person that notices the smaller things in life, then hook it up to the new build of Jelly Bean that we have here.

Download it here.

This phone was originally made popular because it was one of the cheapest handsets that came with quad-core dual Sims, hence the name.