Mobile technology does a great job and being confusing, with that in mind it would have been nice if they avoided using the numbers 4.4 for this particular update, as it is right around the time we are expecting the Android 4.4 to come to us via the Nexus 5.

As far as we know, there is nothing in common with this and the new KitKat, although it is possible Google have some plans up their sleeves for when they will inevitably meet up and be one and the same very soon.

What I mean by that is that they will both be called 4.4 at the same time as soon as the Android firmware build id released in the coming days ahead.

The update should be coming over the air to you automatically. However, some reports are suggesting there is ways to invoke it’s travels and come to you quicker. With this one, if you turn off your phone and back on again — like a complete proper shut down — then it will pop up. Give it a go if you are not in the mood for waiting.

Features are few and few between. Those with a keen eye will notice the menu button doesn’t have a big complied list here any more. Instead, there are just two options: help and settings.

The best monument of this whole ordeal is the new hamburger menu that can be found inside the Google play store once the app is downloaded.