HTC has seen a few shuffles in the executive decisions order. The same people are expected to still be employed inside the company, but the duties are expected to change. In particular a big percentage swing for the tasks that are carried out person to person. It’s CEO Chou’s way of trying to create some better change inside of the company that has seen its fair share of struggles recently. If it wasn’t for Blackberry’s extremely trying times, there would undoubtedly be a lot more emphasis thrust upon the Taiwan tech giants instead.

Even though the Taiwanese manufacture is in amongst hard times they have made it clear that they do plan on jumping on board the latest trend bandwagon; that being smart watches or “wearables”, as well as tablets.

Back in 2011, a representative made a big announcement, claiming that they would be making some noise with a new tablet certain to be disruptive in the market. What they produced instead was nothing more than an utter flop of a 7 and 10 inch jet-stream tablet.

This time around they are holding onto their words once again saying that they feel confident they have what it takes to give things another go, stepping outside of their normal smart phone comfort zone.

HTC had previously joined up with Microsoft back when smart watches were a brand new idea in 2011. What they produced never made it out from behind closed doors.

Rather than admitting being late on the scene, Chou is adopting a different approach. He claims that the current markets are flooded with poor attempts of smart watches, and what they plan on revealing to the world may take a bit longer to produce, but it will be worth it.