If you’ve just about had enough of the back and forth from BBM about their service on iOS and Android you’re not alone, but that hasn’t stopped the bundles of people signing up for the compulsory waiting list they have issued.

This was suppose to be released several months ago, but they backtracked on that idea and now here we are again. One month ago, it could be downloaded, but again there were more issues and the links became dead. That has lead to lots of anxious and eagerly waiting people. So much in fact, that BBM is making people who want the service to sign up to a waiting list before they can get it.

The good news is that there is a way around this list should you want to get around it. That will then have you with your copy a lot quicker obviously.

1. Download it. Make sure you get the right one for you. It will be either iPhone or Android.

2. Launch the app. From the first screen it will ask for your email. This is fine. Give yours and then hit the next button.

3. Force closes the BBM app on the phone. This is a different procedure, depending on your device. Hopefully you know how doing it for yours is possible.

4. Start it up once again. Doing so will give you the chance to create another Blackberry account. Do this and then receive your new Pin code. This code will then give you the access you need to start the app on your iPhone or Android.

BMM is an instant messenger service that was made for the Blackberry mobile. Blackberry didn’t do a lot of things right, but many people loved their IM capabilities.

The application was released today officially and can now be obtained by going to the Google Play and App store.