We’ve known that the Ubuntu Smartphone was coming for literally years now. There was some relief given to Linux enthusiasts who were waiting as patiently as they could when Ubuntu released small installments of features that could be put on to Android and other operating systems as APK’s to try out.

Over the week head man, Mark Shuttleworth, has announced the official Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander is now live and launched for everybody.

It’s different from a normal Smartphone that would come out as a handset. That day is still going to be some time way for the Ubuntu Touch 13.10. The final build of the software will now be shipped over to the device manufacturers where they will then proceed to make the final product. Users can also install the new Touch for The Galaxy Nexus range, including the Nexus 4, 7 and 10. It is also compatible for most of the Samsung Galaxy range, all the way from the S series to the Note series.

It has been a long road on purpose because the extra time period gave a chance for developers and others to create a platform that could then be used. Without any of this it would be a real struggle to convert existing mobile users over to the Ubuntu OS from others like Android and iOS. That was one of the Windows Phone’s main problems and still remains to be to this day.

Back in August, we were given a walk-through of the Touch’s OS. It was evident that it still had some kinks to be ironed out by then.

It has always been Ubuntu’s intentions to make the mobile a daily user for all that are interested in purchasing it. From all reports so far, they have managed to come up with a smooth enough experience to make that a reality.