Google has revealed new statistics that show YouTube is now getting 40% of its viewers via a mobile Smartphone handset, a remarkable leap from last years 25%.

The original iPhone came to us in 2007 as the iPhone 3G. After its launch certain websites such as YouTube received a big increase in traffic as it became a popular destination to land when away from the typical desktop. That makes sense, as you could imagine all of the things there is to show from the popular video website when socializing with friends.

Since then we have seen a lot of changes to the apps that give access on phones. We even saw a break up with Apple and Google back in 2012, which saw the result of the client being taken away. If we go back to 2011, YouTube was only getting 6% of its views from mobiles.

It just goes to show how popular browsing the web from Smartphones is becoming. We, as a whole are stepping away from the traditional big box on the desk and doing the same web usage via the small handset in our palms instead. And with phones becoming increasingly more powerful as time goes on, there really is little reason to see that trend discontinuing.

The next five years have been predicted to be a big boom in the cell industry. Other technology is now beginning to rival it, such as the smart watches and smart glasses. However, it’s currently an unknown how people will take to the idea of having a tech attached to their bodies all the time. It’s hard to see a device that you can simply take in and out of your pocket as something of a dying breed.