Normally when we think of wireless, we don’t necessarily think of efficiency. Take my keyboard in front of me, for example, that chews through batteries like no tomorrow, but the fact that it didn’t have a cord sticking out of it made it appealing. Moreover, when we think of Sony we don’t exactly think of ground breaking revolutionary new smart phone technology.

Nikkei, a Japanese business site, is reporting that Sony plan on changing that as early as next year. They could be the first one’s that manage to bring in new tech that gives users the ability to charge their devices twice as quickly, without anything needing to be altered from the handsets perspective.

It does this by using twice the amount of electricity and doubling the amount of wattage used in the process. Hardly a new idea kicking into action, but for whatever reason, it is a process that has not been functional up until now.

Being a Sony thing, you can probably expect the new range of Xperia devices in 2014 to be specifically made to suit the new wireless chargers. With that in mind, it’s important to note that they are only releasing the Z1 flagship model as we speak. That means this won’t come about until roughly Q4 of next year.

Rohm, another electronic firm out of the same homeland, could possibly have something similar under their sleeves according to sources also.

As we so often see, once one company applies something, the rest should follow suit fairly swiftly so don’t necessarily start changing your plans on what handset to buy next year, but rather just keep in mind of what could be coming your way.