The Nexus 5 is the device that’s pinged to be the one carrying the new 4.4 along with it. Both parties are expected within the next few days.

Up until now we hadn’t seen an official press render of the Google Nexus 5 at all. A site by the name of  Moro Leaks has managed to come up with this one and spread it across Twitter.

The press pictures are basically set in stone, there is no way of this being false advertising so to speak. It does come to us in what is typically the perfect time for a leak too. It never seems to be too early, or right before launch.

People have been waiting for the release of the Nexus 5 like no other handset, so far in 2013 within the Android range, or even arguably in any range.

Google has an event scheduled for this Thursday. The Mountain View company has already sent out guest invitations for this. It is expected to be the day they launch this handset.

Specs are yet to be set in stone until they officially tell us, but they are rumored to be a 5 inch screen at a resolution of 1080 x 1920 FHD. That’s full high definition. The lowest memory amount is expected to be 16 GB and it has the price tag of $349.

It’s a shame there wasn’t more angles and a bigger shot of it, but this still gives us a good idea of what we are getting. It looks to still have the same distinct shape of it.