It’s no secret that many were unhappy with iOS 7, but did you think it was possible to sue Apple over the fact you dislike it?

Today that is what a Californian man has done; he was so infuriated with the latest works of Apple that he is suing them for making him install it.

Granted, Apple doesn’t have the power to simply make it start working on your iPhone without a little helping hand from the mobile owner. However, the fruit company does issue a notice that somebody has not installed the iOS 7 every time the phone is turned on which can come across as a bit forthcoming.

The defendant in this case has been listed as non other than the Cupertino companies CEO, Tim Cook.

In all honestly, we aren’t expecting this man to be successful in his case. More likely than not, big companies have these kinds of things covered off before they begin doing things so it can’t happen. However, it is an interesting move; one I hadn’t thought of would even be possible to do.

If he doesn’t get much money out of it, he may get the chance to remove it from his families devices. As it stands today, once you upgrade to the newer firmware, Apple will not let you go back downwards to the old one you were on before. That’s where it could get interesting. If the courts were to rule in the man’s favor, this could open up a whole can of worms for the rest of the world looking to downgrade also. If that continues to happen, then the way Apple works now could be entirely changed.

Do you wish you had more freedom when it comes to what your Smartphone is running?

Those in desperate need of some downgrade attention can do it after they have jailbroken their iPhone’s first.

This news comes not long after the NYPD had told owners that they must upgrade to iOS 7. No, that last bit is not a joke and it did really happen. There is so many thefts of the iPhone’s in the state of New York that officers have been enforcing owners to do the upgrade for security patch reasons.