Statistics today show that it’s rare for a person to swap over from Android to Apple or the other way round. Normally people will stay with what they know already. Be it because we are creatures of habit, or because there’s a bond as to why we choose one over the other in the first place, the fact is that most people will stay with the same OS.

Google has now recognized this and decided to make it a point of emphasis of trying to make that process a little easier in the wake that it may lead to more people switching over from the iPhone to Android.

The mobile that they specially do this operation on is the new Moto x — Google and Motorola’s first work together as a duo.

The way you do it is via a new tool which has been just created by head honcho, Punit Soni. The tool will let users copy over the contacts and calendar information over from one device to the other with ease.

It might sound strange that this wasn’t already available, but believe it or not, it wasn’t. Up until now companies make it possible to do this inside of their own environment only; meaning from one iPhone to the next generation of the same Smartphone.

To access it, hit up the Moto Maker. Once created there will be an option which allows you to then migrate. From there you will need to enter your Apple ID and it will connect to your saved backups.