T-mobile are going to be forcing people subscribed on plans to swap over to other “Select Value” plans. The move is compulsory as the phone carrier wants to decrease the amount of plans they have available. Currently there are over 350 of them all up and they are looking to drastically reduce that.

How can they get away with such nonsense? They are preaching the same thing fellow thinker, AT&T did — it will be better for you.

Both companies are claiming that many of the customers are currently sitting on plans that aren’t even good for them; claiming that they would be better off on different ones for the most part. Therefor, they are going to make some plan cutting and save the consumers the hassle. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but this is becoming a trend now, as two of the biggest mobile carriers in the United States are going out of their way to create such an idea.

We saw AT&T start bringing in a new program which forced customers in a direction as of a weeks time from now.

For T-Mobile, this is expected to take 2 months to kick into gear. They want to reduce the number down to about 50 plans instead. This will apply to all people whose plans end after that period of time. Those who still have an ongoing contract can expect to still carry it out as normal.

Don’t go thinking you will simply leave, though, because the way things are going, by the time your contract has ended a similar idea might be in place at all of the rest.

It’s a bit of a strange time for T-mobile to be exchanging business strategies since they are currently in talks of a buyout. The most recent potential buyer is the Dish Network, but today’s headlines is that they might not be too keen on that right now.