It looks as though we’ll finally get to see what Sony have developed for their smart watch (pictured) today. The Japanese company has launched the new Xperia range, including the Z1 and Z Ultra, plus the smart watch.

The Z1 is to be considered the new flagship for Sony. This will take over from last years Z.

The Z Ultra is a similar thing, only much larger, boosting up into the phablet category instead of just a phone.

Sony’s watch will be called the Smartwatch 2 and can be picked up for around $200. It will be running on Android OS. It will go head to head with the Samsung galaxy Gear and the Pebble.

The watch will arguably be the biggest story here, at a time where we are really starting to see a breakout of them across the board. They have been in existence previously, but nothing of this magnitude where we finally see some amazing features. Whether they will be boom or bust, however, remains to be seen.

The Xperia Z1 is expected to be coming fully unlocked. Take this for what it is right now, which is just talk, because we heard the same thing with the Note 3 and that turned out to be completely false. In fact, it ended up doing the reverse and coming more locked than we’ve ever seen before!

This launch is now taking place in the US. Don’t expect products to make their way around the entire country too quickly, though, because Sony is known as taking a bit longer than its competitors because they are a smaller company.