There’s always ways in which you can switch between apps, no matter what it is that you are using. It doesn’t matter the brand, operating system or even the type of device. From computers — which many people don’t realize run apps — all the way down to the Smartphones of today, switching is a possibility.

However, you’d be a fool to think that it was as simple and efficient as you would have hoped, because frankly, it isn’t anywhere near close for the most part.

It obviously varies in certain degrees, depending on the device to how difficult you can expect it to be. For instance, a computer can do it without too much hassles at all, and the problems generally start creeping in down the line the smaller the device becomes that you want to achieve it on.

In today’s day and age the littler things lime mobiles are now becoming so powerful that they can almost rival a computer. This is a fact and it’s only a matter of time before this reality gets put into practice. So what’s taking so long on the app switcher task? Well, the solution could finally be here with Switchr.

Switchr is currently in its beta stages till but it handles this task really well; it even comes with a bevy of added bonus options such as varying the sensitivity levels of the operation.

It comes with two different modes. Users can select either the Slide style or the Flow style. The flow will set you up as more of a seamless revolving change. The slide is more about the changing of certain tasks and turning things on and off.

It even has it’s own error log area where it will detect all of the problems — if there are any — that you can then suss out and fix. All of this of which can be done right now even from the Beta.

It is only for Android at this point in time and more specifically, you will need to have Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 or newer coming into the Jelly Bean. As you may well know, there is some new build coming out now such as the Kit Kat; these should be fine and compatible right from the beginning.

This app was released on October the 20th and you can check it out in full, plus check out the promo film clip from here.