Yesterday saw the official release of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean by Google/Android. Prior to that we had seen it leaked and made available on several devices unofficially. No matter which class you fall into, there has been a way to get root access via Chainfire’s SuperSu tool. If you have used this tool so far, then you want to do this update because there has a known bug in the version before today. The bug I’m talking about it is the dreaded 100% CPU bug. I’ve had this before on my PC due to an anti-virus problem and it is awful. It’s like your device is running a marathon and it’s destined to die before it’s time.

Hashtag root

Consider the CPU the heart of your device. Make it beat too fast and it’s like sending it into early cardiac arrest.

Oh wow, so how do I fix it? Simply upgrade to the latest version of the Chainfire SuperSU version 1.43

Help me fix it? Follow the guide below:

Grab the updated file: SuperSU 1.43

1. Flash TWRP recovery.

2. Boot it into recovery.

3. Put the recovery into sideload mode. Now load this: adb sideload

That’s all. It’s finished.