Windows Phone has been in the news a lot lately, this time for their latest entry in the mid-range market for the Lumia 625. While it is projected to compete around the middle of the pack, it still has some new cool features to look out for. The one that springs to mind the most would be the new screen that they have incorporated which is said to project the sunlight a lot better when viewing outdoors. A problem that the galaxy S3 reportedly suffered from in a big way. That good idea quickly comes back down to earth, however, as we are soon reminded of its mid range capabilities with a less than stellar resolution, even if you do get to see it better.

One thing that is quickly becoming a trend to look out for is the fact that mobiles are getting bigger. The Lumia 625 is also jumping on board that trend with its large 4.7 inch display. Whether you like them or hate them, there’s no denying they are coming in. Recently we saw Apple take down the iPhone for an overhaul which will set back the release date. This is because they were planning on increasing its screen which was set to come out at 4.2 inches.

One thing you immediately notice when checking out the press releases of this phone is the shape. It looks to be a lot rounder than the usual Windows style we have become to know and love. That said, it looks like it really suites the phone which can only be a good thing. There’s a slight chance this shape has been somewhat influenced by the budget iPhone, which will most likely compete for a similar market.

It seems people are finding extra room within their pockets to compensate for the size so that the screen becomes more useful for browsing on. Something which is becoming increasingly popular to do in the current Smartphone times. I’m sure it’s no surprise to people that we have left a time where all we do on a mobile phone is talk, but just how far we have gone from that might still shock a few. Reports of mobiles being used more for looking at than talking period. This trend probably isn’t going to end any time soon either.

Owner of the new Lumia can expect a dual-core 1.2GHz processor inside to go along with 8GB of native storage. A rear facing camera is also built-in, which will give a full 1080p snap shot. It also comes with the new Internet Explorer 10 with built-in YouTube, Flikr, Picassa and Twitter so you can keep up to date with the world. You can expect it to come out in a whole variety of colors to choose from with the usual Windows Phone flare.