Popular iOS developer/hacker Winocm is a very peculiar man. For starters, a real picture of him online is unattainable, and for somebody so widely known around the world, it’s unusual, to say the least. About the best picture you’ll find is a half turned around face that is an animation. It’s blonde and he’s white. I guess Winocm does not want us to know his true identity and in many ways that makes sense with him being a hacker.

Winocm does not like jailbreaking, but yet he is a very smart man who is often associated with similar developments. With that news, it is a pleasure to announce his latest work where he has managed to dual-boot iOS 7 and iOS 6 on the same iPhone. Since being able to dual-boot, he plans on releasing a tool that will give iPhone owners the chance to have iOS7 and iOS 6 running when they choose to.

iOS 7


With this news, there’s no reason for people refusing to update from iOS 6 anymore. Now you can try out iOS 7 and if you don’t like it doesn’t matter because you still have the old and trustworthy iOS 6 to fall back on later.

Winocm loves to fight for the users even though he will leave to be an official Apple Inc. employee at the end of the year he’s sure to stick around in the hacking scene and share some of his ideas. It will be fascinating to keep an eye on how this plays out because traditional iOS hackers are what Apple sees as mortal enemies and there is an element of luring them over to work or them that takes the pain away of having to compete with them. Even though these hackers are so well-known, there isn’t much money it and there’s no doubt Apple wage will be a lucrative one.

Now has Wincom announced that there will be a definite tool for this? No, he has not. What did transpire n his twitter timeline, however, we Winocm demonstrating how he has managed to work it, and there was a reply from a man stating that he wishes he could do that. Winocm then replied “you will be able to. Soon.” To us that is saying that he will make the tool public soon enough for all of us ordinary folk to be able to use.
Here’s the video’s released showing how he does it:

We do not recommend you try to create anything like this on your IOS device yourself. Hackers aren’t always bad people and I many respects for cases such as these they aren’t. However, they are almost always extremely intelligent and trying to replicate something like this for everyday people like you or me is an impossible task. All it takes is a glance over their twitter timelines to see what I mean.