The Burger King fast food chain is getting the rewards mobile payments application at 7,000 outlets across the United States of America in April.

In very typical mobile fashion, it looks like Apple’s iOS devices will connect to this app before Android and Windows phone. It will roll out to Android soon enough, and there’s every chance it comes to Windows phone before too long after that because they are making significant ground in 2014 for applications in the WP store as the Windows-based smartphones become more popular.

Burrger King

The developers making this app are Tillster Inc, and they have given information about what is included once it is available. It will create a rewards system by giving out coupons to users who recharge and give credit to the card so that they have funds in it to use at Burger King outlets. To entice people into using it instead of a regular bank card, there is also information about the food that is on the Burger King menu such as nutritional value and more. They will look to make application features a focal point to make sure people start using it in the hope that they will quickly catch up to the current benchmark Starbucks has set with 10 million users.

In 2012, Burger king had 12,000 stores across North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. That means a lot of the North American outlets will be compatible with this application. The owner of BK has always been fast not only with his food, but also with getting technology up and running inside his shops. They have used e-wallet for some time already.

There’s no question that apps help out the world a lot in many ways. The idea of using them in fast food is genius, and I definitely see a future here. It may take a while for people to start taking notice, but once the word gets around it can be a great way to set a budget aside on your dedicated mobile payments card instead of just paying for everything from the standard bank card or cash. This is another good reason people should think about using it when it comes available.

One problem with software and firmware that mobile phones use is that there tends to be bugs and performance issues. Mr. Macedo has said they will limit the applications features to begin with until they are happy with its performance and stability. Then they will think about opening it up even more to new features.

Via: geeky-gadgets