After the big powerhouse names on American phone carriers T-Mobile and AT&T rolled out this update for their device owners, now it is Sprints turn several weeks down the track. They have officially announced via their website that the Sprint LG G2 will now have Android 4.4.2 arriving over the air to all devices in the coming weeks starting today.

Sadly, Sprint has not included an official changelog to let us know what changes they have brought to the table. They figure that Android 4.4.2 is so popular and so many other people already have it that it does not matter. If you are not aware we can give you a quick rundown of what the 4.4.2 build has in store, plus some potential extra areas that Sprint would have targeted specifically for their handset owners to fix existing bugs.

Android KitKat LG G2


YouTube is great for finding key bits of information to do with these updates. Changes do not happen much from the carriers view, but from the smartphones view it does. What I mean by that is LG 4.4.2 will come with some particular information that will be different.

Most LG G2 owners are mentioning that battery life is far more reliable than it was in the former version of Android. It will hold out abundantly to see out the day, not with the screen on and the brightness level turned right up.

The UI is faster than it was before. Not as big a discrepancy related to the jump from Jelly Bean to KitKat, but it is notably faster.

One of the cooler features you will notice is the new “knock knock” that has been appropriately named because if you tap on the screen twice it will turn on. Don’t tap all day trying to turn it off this way, however, because it requires a double tap on the status bar.

There was a Next radio bug in the audio and we can confirm that Sprint has fixed that problem for you.

This update will roll out automatically and periodically so there’s no telling when it is coming exactly to you. You might get it before people you know or after you know. There is no relationship between who has more money, or who has spent more at Sprint stores. They do not play favourites. It will eventually roll around to everybody though so don’t get too obsessive and check your handset every few minutes or it will be a long few weeks. To check if it has arrived navigate over to Settings > System Updates > Update LG software and check for updates.

If you find out any information after trying it out on your own phone, please leave a comment and tell the viewers about it.