If you are suffering from some soft-brick symptoms such as getting stuck in a boot loop, or if you are running with root access and would like to unroot the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, you can do that easily by following our guide after the jump.

We are flashing an official software update that was made for your Sammy smartphone. Once we do this manually using the Odin tool, we are able to fix all soft-brick problems as well as take away the root access you might have had before.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

The files you need:

  • Download Odin 3.07 from our page here. If that link is down during your time of visit, try downloading one of the other versions, such as Odin 3.09.
  • Download the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos stock ROM from this page.
  • The file is only to be flashed in the I9082 device. Do not try flashing it for another model number or else you can brick the smartphone. If you don’t already know, you can check your model number by navigating to the Settings > About Device on the Galaxy handset. It will tell you the model number. As long as it matches up with I9082, you are fine to use the guide.

Unrooting the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082

  1. Extract the files to the desktop of the Windows PC. You can only use this guide using a Windows operating system.
  2. Double-click and run the Odin tool — we are using this tool for flashing the official firmware update.
  3. Hold the Power button on your Sammy Galaxy Grand Duos for 10 seconds, or until you know it’s completely off.
  4. Reboot the Grand Duos holding the Power + Home + Volume Down buttons at the same time and keep holding them in until you get to Download Mode. You might need to press the Volume Up button when you get to the warning screen for some Samsung devices.
  5. Navigate to the Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging and enable the USB Debugging Mode. Some of you might not see the Developer Options menu. After double-checking and seeing it’s definitely not there, go to Settings > About Device and tap the firmware build number seven times. Doing so will unlock the hidden Developer Options. You should have no trouble finding that option from the Settings now.
  6. Connect the Grand Duos smartphone to the Windows computer where you have Odin.
  7. The Odin flashing tool will now change the color of the ID: COM port to let you know the device is connected. If that doesn’t happen, try downloading the Samsung USB Drivers.
  8. Click the AP or PDA button with Odin and upload the official firmware build from your computer that you downloaded from the ‘files you need’ section above.
  9. Check the re-partition box is left empty.
  10. Click the Start button and that firmware will now be flashed to your device.
  11. Your Samsung Duos should now reboot automatically once it’s finished and the screen will say “success” with Odin.

The Grand Duos I9280 should now be fixed and without any root access. Now you cannot use any of those root-requiring applications that were available from the Google Play Store.