You can now root and install a custom recovery on the Micromax A116 Canvas HD using the Framaroot app we have linked below. Before starting the guide, we recommend taking a complete backup of the current ROM.

While a NANDroid backup would be ideal, we cannot take a NANDroid until after installing a custom recovery. Use your built-in backup features or install apps like Helium from Google Play to help backing up your data. That way if you choose to take a master reset, you can restore that same data without any worries.

Micromax A116

The files you need:

Rooting the MicroMax A116 Canvas HD

  1. Download the rooting file from above to the desktop of a Windows computer.
  2. Connect the Micromax smartphone to the same computer where you have the file.
  3. Transfer the file over to the root of the SD card. That means do not hide the file in any sub folder (or else you won’t be able to find it later).
  4. Install the app like you would any other.
  5. Tap and open the app once you can select it from the app drawer.
  6. Choose to “Install SuperSU” from the first display.
  7. Now click the Boromir option.
  8. Your device will now get rooted and it will reboot automatically once it’s complete.

Root access means you can now head over to the Google Play Store and instantly install root-requiring apps on your device. These are apps that you couldn’t use before. With that being said, half the attraction for gaining root access is installing custom ROMs. There probably aren’t many custom ROMs available, since the device isn’t all that popular — third-party developers wouldn’t be making many ROMs. However, if you do want to install a custom ROM you will first need to install a custom recovery image on your device. There are a few custom recoveries to choose from, including Philz Touch recovery, TWRP recovery and the traditional CWM recovery.